“Mountain Rainbows”

Views from the Flying Carpet Fine Art Print

“Mountain Rainbows,” holds special meaning for Greg, because it features the San Francisco Peaks sheltering his beloved home community of Flagstaff, Arizona. Those who’ve experienced these mountains know their magic is real. No wonder they’re sacred to numerous Native American tribes. (Click image for a larger view.)

On this particular day, the familiar mountains truly seemed treasure at the end of a double rainbow. (Note the secondary rainbow reflected above above the primary one.)

For hours Greg and his wife Jean had dodged plumes of Southern California’s massive “Station Fire.” Only in the final moments of their return flight did the wildfire smoke assaulting the Flying Carpet’s non-pressurized cabin yield to misty showers lined with rainbows. (Read Greg’s associated Flying Carpet column, “Smoke and Rainbows,” and see additional photos including the wildfires.)


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