“High Desert Canyon”

Views from the Flying Carpet Fine Art Print

Greg Brown photographed “High Desert Canyon,” of the Pueblo Colorado Wash on the Navajo Nation north of Holbrook, Arizona, early one bright morning en route from Flagstaff to Santa Fe. Read the story behind that flight in Greg’s Flying Carpet column, “Santa Fe Concorso.” 

Greg’s long been fascinated by the small canyons etched into the high desert of northern Arizona and New Mexico. These veritable scratches in the barren and treeless landscape burst with vegetation sustained by small perennial streams. The resulting oases brim with springtime wildflowers, and with petroglyphs left by ancient visitors congregating there for food and water. (Glimpse inside such a canyon in Greg’s April, 2001 column, “Rock Art Ranch,” or the expanded account in his Flying Carpet book.)

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