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Your own fine-art print, regardless of size or edition, will be meticulously crafted under Mr. Jackson’s supervision, in conformity with his previously-described match print.

These are not giclée-style inkjet prints, but rather true photo-chemical prints yielding the brightest colors, blackest blacks, and truest fidelity. Each is custom printed on the highest quality photographic paper, and as appropriate, mounted and/or framed using archival materials.

Above and left: Greg’s larger “museum-mount” prints are bonded to Dibond aluminum-and-polyolefin sheet with museum-back subframe, with a UV-protective film laminate over the print surface. These museum-mounts are Greg’s personal favorites*, but of course your print can be custom ordered traditionally matted and framed, if you prefer.

Smaller print sizes are offered conventionally matted and framed using high-quality archival materials. (Large prints can also be ordered in conventional frames.)

Right: For those on a budget, the matted 10″x14″ print fits a standard 16″ x 20″ frame available inexpensively at local craft and discount stores like Michael’s and Target.

*”I prefer this type of museum mounting for large prints because it gives the mounted print a non-glare surface, eliminating reflections. Also, I feel that matting often reduces visual impact of the print. Finally, matting and framing such a large print increases the size beyond normal shipping dimensions, making it very expensive to ship.” Greg

How to hang your museum-mount print using the included French Cleat

Those who acquire my museum-mounted prints are often mystified about how to hang them. So the good folks at The Framing Department have put together a simple French Cleat Install Guide. Check it out!

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