Greg’s latest “View from the Flying Carpet,” and “Down to Earth” Fine Art Photography Metal Prints

Tahoe Reflections!


I photographed “Tahoe Reflections” from over the Nevada Desert just east of Lake Tahoe. Read the background story in my Flying Carpet column, “Sky Islands.”
See also “Tahoe Chalice” taken on that same aerial journey, and all my available Views from the Flying Carpet aerial Fine Art Metal Prints.

Sunset Lenticular Clouds

And here’s my latest “Down to Earth” terrestrial Fine Art Metal Print, “Sunset Lenticulars,” photographed at Kachina Wetlands south of Flagstaff, Arizona.


Lens-shaped “lenticular clouds” commonly form downwind of mountains—in this case, Arizona’s San Francisco Peaks—during periods of strong winds aloft. See all my latest “Down to Earth” terrestrial Fine Art Metal Prints.

Many thanks to all who have invested in my photography products to date, including Fine Art Metal Prints, and Pilot Achievement Plaques.


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