Introducing Greg’s 2014 photo wall calendars

new 2013 Lulu FC oversize wall calendar-frontIn the past, I made “Views from the Flying Carpet” photographic wall calendars as holiday gifts for my immediate family and friends.

That led to requests from others to buy them, so two years ago I started offering them for public purchase.

“Views from the Flying Carpet”

Well here come my 2014 “Views from the Flying Carpet” aerial photo wall calendars, filled with more of my favorite aviator’s-eye views from around the country. Once seeing them I think you’ll agree they’re my best Flying Carpet calendars ever!

“Views from Japan”

Once again, I’m also offering terrestrial, 2014 “Views from Japan” photographic wall calendars incorporating photos taken there last year.

Although a departure from my aerial persona, Jean and I were so taken with Japan’s beauty and character during our recent travels that I couldn’t resist sharing some special images from there. Once seeing the included photographs, I suspect you’ll agree. (Note that the 2014 calendar contains the same great photos as last year’s.)

Calendar sizes and pricing

Each full-color 12-month wall calendar series comes in two sizes:

  • Standard 11″x17″ for $19.95** (8.5″x11″ images).
  • Premium oversize 13.5″x19″ for $29.95** (9.5″x13.5″ monthly images).

Photos are similar in both formats except for cover image and size.

Click on each calendar image for details and ordering, including free previews of the included monthly photographs, or go direct to Greg’s calendar store. All calendars can be shipped directly to you, or to others as gifts.

Both 2014 calendar series rank among my best. What a great way for you and your lucky gift recipients to celebrate each month of the new year!

©2013 Gregory N. Brown

* Shipping and sales tax (if applicable) are additional.


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