Help select my next photo prints!

Hi Folks!

As you know, I recently introduced “Sunset Rains,” my first Fine Art Photographic Print. More prints are coming, and I’d appreciate your input as part of the selection process.

Please visit my pre-selection gallery and “Like” 3-5 of your favorite images. (If possible, share comments as to why.)

If you can’t post your preferences in the gallery, please name them via comment form below.

I realize there are limitations in evaluating small-format images, especially prior to fine-tuning, but your preferences will help immensely in my selections.

Thank you! Thank you!


©2011 Gregory N. Brown

4 Responses to “Help select my next photo prints!”

  1. Jim Castino Says:

    Wow! and Wow! and Wow! They are all so stunning and so interesting photographs, that I love all of them! Good job! I guess my favorite might be the one of the farm or ranch showing the driveways and all the outbuildings, etc.

    • Greg Brown Says:

      This is exactly why I so appreciate everyone’s input. For some reason that photo has always captivated me even though it’s “only” a ranch. Now I see I’m not alone. Thank you, Jim!

  2. jeff richards Says:

    as a photographer myself for over 50yrs i prefer #’s 3749, 3774, 1768 & 2280. all the shots are wonderful but i go for the more scenic ones.

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