“Enchanted Journey,” Greg’s November column & photos

The beauty of evil, viewed from afar

Perhaps our most spectacular flight ever… Don’t miss the photographs!

“It’s 112 degrees outside Greg, and Mom has her thermostat set at 83. I can’t take it anymore! Will you pick me up tonight instead of tomorrow?”

Just yesterday I delivered Jean to Phoenix to help her mother prepare for surgery. I’d planned to retrieve her tomorrow morning when the air would be cooler and free of thunderstorms. But after a hot, sleepless night and then being unable to access the Internet for work, my wife is desperate to escape…

Read Greg’s entire November column, “ENCHANTED JOURNEY.(Mobile-friendly link.)

(This column first appeared in AOPA Flight Training, 11/11 issue.)

Photo: Sunset rains pummel Arizona’s Verde Valley. (This image is available as a Fine Art Print.)  

See more photos from this amazing flight, here.

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