Greg’s book, “The Savvy Flight Instructor,” released as ebook

Hey! Hey! My popular book THE SAVVY FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR: Secrets of the Successful CFI, has just been (re-)released for Kindle.

Rather than teaching piloting techniques, The Savvy Flight Instructor addresses all those “other” flight instructing questions, like how to recruit new flight students, and once you’ve got ‘em, how to keep them flying; how to overcome learning plateaus; and how to optimize your pass rate on checkrides.

Along with tips on attracting and retaining flight clients, this book is about flight instructor professionalism: how to increase your students’ skills and satisfaction, while promoting general aviation in the process.

Already available in multiple ebook formats are my flying adventure book, Flying Carpet: The Soul of an Airplane, often compared to road-trip classics like On the Road, and Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. And You Can Fly! (coauthored with Laurel Lippert) for those embarking on the dream of flight.

Thanks to the fine folks at my publisher, ASA, for delivering my books into the digital age!

©2010 Gregory N. Brown

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