Greg’s books, “Flying Carpet” and “You Can Fly!” released for iPad and Kindle

Hey! Hey! My book Flying Carpet: The Soul of an Airplane, is now available for iPad (via iTunes/iBooks), and Kindle. Pilots and nonpilots alike will enjoy this book of general aviation adventures. (Reviewers have compared it to road-trip classics like On the Road, and Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.)

You Can Fly! coauthored with my good friend Laurel Lippert, is also available on Kindle, and will shortly be introduced on iTunes for iPad. This book is perfect for anyone considering embarking on the dream of flight.

Many thanks to Mike Lorden, Jennie Trerise, Jackie Spanitz, and the other fine folks at my publisher, ASA, for making this happen!

©2010 Gregory N. Brown

4 thoughts on “Greg’s books, “Flying Carpet” and “You Can Fly!” released for iPad and Kindle

  1. Greg,

    I just wanted to let you know that I purchased and read the Kindle
    version of Flying Carpet: Soul of an Airplane. What a wonderful read.
    Was hard to put down. Your descriptions of events and the interaction
    with people are what makes this book such a great read. I am still a
    fairly new pilot and I must have learned something from almost every

    Thank you again for sharing this with all of us.


  2. I had the paperback version— have read it so many times I have worn pages… was literally the first ebook I downloaded when my kindle arrived this week!

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