Sin City

Just returned from visiting our son and daughter-in-law during his temporary duty in Las Vegas. A fun flight but crazy-windy in both directions! Thought you might enjoy seeing a few photos from our flight.

We’ve flown into McCarren International Airport for our last two Vegas trips. Had an outstanding experience with Atlantic Aviation this visit, plus the air traffic controllers couldn’t have been more accommodating. (They even approved extending our final approach to photograph The Strip.) Parking and fuel prices are comparable to any big-city international airport but service for our Flying Carpet was exceptional for such places. Prices there have come down some, plus they offer free shuttles to nearby hotels and you can walk to the Las Vegas Strip. (Flying into Henderson Airport is less expensive, but requires at least one cab fare over a much greater distance.)

Photo above: Paralleling the Las Vegas Strip on final approach to Runway 19R, McCarren International Airport. See more photos from our flight. ©2010 Gregory N. Brown

One Response to “Sin City”

  1. Richard Depinay Says:

    Too bad you didn’t take any pics of the strip at night. It used to be that ATC would allow a strip tour prior to 9-11, but I don’t know if it is still possible today.
    There is a village called Callville UNDER the Lake Mead now. It used to be in Arizona, but Nevada having no navigable river could use this place for tranport to the sea, and Congress complied and created the southern border of NV there.
    BTW, let me know when you want to fly toward PHX, and I will give you a glider ride in Estrella…

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