“Oh Ah Ee”

Those who have been following the musical adventures of my son, musician and composer Hannis Brown, might want to check out his new solo album, Oh Ah Ee, which debuts today, April 6th. Congratulations, Hannis!

A few of the album’s more colorful online reviews:

“Brown has a mischievous sense of humour that… allows in the casual listener before disorientating them in this musical hall of mirrors.”Americana-UK

“Hannis Brown’s labor of love knows exactly where it is going – to the nearest psychiatrist… call Hannis Brown the bi-polar Miles Davis”two.one.five magazine

“Hannis Brown is to music what mad scientists are to invention.” – Fense Post: THE Indie Blog

“This ought to be a collection of noise, with the occasional bit of structure sticking out of the rubble. But Brown has constructed a masterpiece.” A & A Reviews

“It’s not exactly something you’d pop into your iPod at work (unless you happen to work at the Stanley Hotel in The Shining).”Kevchino

New: Read a dynamite interview with Hannis regarding the genesis of his album, and the crazy stuff he uses to sample sounds for use as “musical instruments.”

Order Oh Ah Ee on CD at CDBaby, and via digital download from any of the major online distributors (iTunes, Emusic, Amazon MP3, Limewire, MySpace Music, etc.)

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