Discouraged? See Greg’s student pilot pep talk

fc-cover-photo-smThe most rewarding activities in life are often challenging to master, and that certainly includes piloting. No wonder I often receive emails and blog comments from discouraged student pilots wondering if they should quit.

The good news is that although learning to fly is difficult, it can and will be mastered by virtually everyone who sticks with it. Are you the only one having a tough time mastering flight? No! These learning challenges affect literally everyone who pursues flight.

Rather than write a pep talk of my own, I thought you might be encouraged by hearing from some other formerly-frustrated flight students who overcame challenges of their own to fly, and are now enjoying the benefits. Is it worth the hassle and trauma to become a pilot? Read what others in your shoes have to say in “Greg Brown’s Student Pilot Pep Talk” Facebook Group, and then you be the judge! ©2009, 2021 Gregory N Brown


One thought on “Discouraged? See Greg’s student pilot pep talk

  1. Hey Greg,

    I passed my pre-solo written test today. Still flying circuits and haven’t solo-ed yet (I’ve got 20.1 hrs logged). Was very windy today and needed help to land in the crosswind (17-21 knots sou’westerly).

    Still trying to get there.


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