remembered for a lifetime!

DSC00390dxo-eOur neighbors had family in town last month, and I offered to show them some local sights from the air. We spent a pleasant Sunday morning circling the San Francisco Peaks north of Flagstaff and touching down at Sedona. Don’t you love turning non-pilots on to flying? This young man will remember the experience for a lifetime! See the photos they took, here. ©2009 Gregory N. Brown

2 thoughts on “remembered for a lifetime!

  1. just a note. i enjoy your storys in flite training every month. last two months were very good.i have thought about taking a trip am only vfr rated.but i think now i could .looking forword too more storys. thanks harold

    1. Dear Harold, Thanks for your kind words about my column! Even without an instrument rating those long trips are feasible so long as you’re not in a rush. Something to look forward to, eh?
      Again, thanks! Greg
      PS: Where do you fly out of?

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