newspaper travails

dsc_0736smSix inches of wet snow on the ground, on the way to a foot. I kicked off the morning by shredding today’s newspaper with the snowblower.

After 30 minutes removing the shredded paper and its plastic wrap from the blower mechanism, Jean and I drove to the mail room to buy another paper. There were none left.

Driving home we ran off the road and onto the plowed berm. Not even a Subaru can escape with two wheels off the ground. With no cell phone – after all we were “just getting a paper” – we began chopping and digging ice from under the car with our little emergency shovel.

Finally a car came by. Jean waved. The occupants waved back, and kept going. Fortunately they returned a few minutes later, and offered me a ride home to retrieve ice chopper, cell phone, and additional shovels.

Another hour later we are finally home eating breakfast at noon. Without a Sunday paper…

©2009 Gregory N. Brown

One Response to “newspaper travails”

  1. And that’s exactly why I put up with temperatures over 100 degrees in the summer! Gorgeous picture, though!

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